Brittany Bryden

Yoga to me is the self-exploration of our authentic self. I have found my true passion and true source of self-care, both physically and mentally on my mat. The opportunity to share this with my students is a gift, and this practice has truly planted my feet on the ground.


What I love most about teaching is giving students the space to move, breathe, feel, and let go. To be that gentle reminder to come home to their bodies, feel their breath and witness their minds.


Before I became a yoga teacher I was a professional dancer. My background in dance fuels my love to teach a creative, intuitive flowing class. My experience with injury reminds me to keep my sequences smart so my students practice safe, and still leave with that feeling of bliss.


I completed my training in Toronto under the guidance of Ron Reid, Marla Meenakshi Joy and Diane Bruni but, I have done multiple hours of trainings and workshops since. I have also lead multiple teacher trainings and workshops.

Besides being a regular teacher in Ottawa, I have also taught for large events such as Ottawa’s hugely popular Parliament Hill Yoga, and  the 2017 Lole White Tour. I have also lead classes for yoga festivals such as City of OM and classes for the WNHL. 


I am so excited to be a part of the PEC yoga festival both as a teacher and a student. I can’t wait to meet the incredible community and explore the beautiful landscape of PEC!


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