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With strong roots in PEC, we have grown up with The County in our hearts, and yoga in our lives.  It was a natural fit to connect the two and bring the premiere PEC Yoga Festival to Prince Edward County.  We invite all to discover the historical beauty of Picton's Crystal Palace for a day of practice, passion and purpose.    


The County has evolved into an escape for many. Our intention is to provide all who gather with a mindful and energetic experience that will allow yogis of all levels, and all ages, to RISE together and to SHINE brightly. 


We also believe strongly in promoting local County business, and the creative people who live, invest and work here.  The OM Outdoor Market is a unique opportunity for businesses to connect with this mindful market.


We also know the many deserving local charities that support this evolving community. A portion of the festival proceeds will go back to these local charities.   ~ Namaste ~  

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